Participant Testimonials

Starting out by thanking the entire team of Smile India for a very enriching scientific experience during my ” Extensive Endodontics ” course, which included a session on ” “The Importance of Magnification in Dentistry”, I would like to pen a few lines on how using magnification has altered the way I practice dentistry today. Having been into clinical dentistry for 10 years now, work had been uneventful and smooth, with hesitations and prejudices towards the use of magnification in any form, some of them being the lack of training and the costs involved with the devices.  I don’t have words to express how the excellent mentoring and guidance put all the questions to rest, and more so, opened my eyes to how doctors are blithely unaware of what crucial aspects they overlook when they don’t use assisted vision.  I use loupes with a 3.0 X magnification with LED illumination on a daily basis now, and there isn’t a single procedure, including consults, and even evaluating laboratory models and prostheses that I carry out without the loupes. The benefits started with simple things like no post operative sensitivity in restorations, a world of a difference in gingival displacements which actually went from ” pushing ” to actual ” displacement ” thanks to magnification, not to mention the finesse of the margins and bevels associated with restorative procedures.  I ll have no qualms in stating that today if I dish out decent restorations, be they direct or indirect, it is only due to the fact that I can see how well or not I am blending the composite, polishing it, or seating the restoration, all thanks to it being magnified. The gingival response to prophylaxis has changed 180 degrees thanks to the accuracy that magnification lends me. Commercially speaking, the loupes have more than paid for themselves, as there are carious lesions, craze lines and minor discolorations that are only discernible with assisted Vision, not to mention the gratification that the patients’ experience, with a feeling that the doctor is going the extra mile to diagnose and treat them.  The cherry on the cake would be that my back doesn’t hurt anymore, an issue I was grappling with since 4 years!! Magnification has made me work totally different than before, has made me work in a way that’s satisfying to my eye first,   something that has built my confidence as a doctor, and lent me the scientific accuracy- something that we owe to all our patients!


- DR. NIDHI JATHAL (Practising in Ahmedabad)