Pedo Pathshala

Dear Doctor,

Has paediatric Dentistry been a grey area in your practice? Have you wondered if there are any ingenious ways of simplifying the pedodontic dilemma? Have you felt dissatisfied when the little patient leaves your office? Desired to offer more but not known how? Wished for miracle techniques that would make pediatric dentistry less frustrating, more productive and lucrative?

…This workshop then might just be what you’re looking for!

We are introducing for the First Time ‘Pedo Pathshala’ an innovative teaching program dedicated exclusively to pediatric dentistry. The course is designed to demystify the subject in a manner that is easy to comprehend and replicate. The two day workshop aims at sharpening your clinical judgment, expanding your treatment armamentarium, accelerating your speed & increasing your comfort level even when you are working with a reluctant child.



  • Posterior restorations
  • Anterior restorations
  • Pediatric Endodontics – Deciduous
  • Stainless steel Crowns – Posterior
  • Pediatric endodontics – Young permanent tooth (Apexogenesis & Apexification)
  • Stainless Steel Crowns – Anterior
  • Age & Weight appropriate administration of medication in pediatrics
  • Trauma
  • Management of Habits
  • Space maintainers
  • Prevention: Sealants, Fluorides, mouth guards, dietary counseling
  • Complete oral Rehabilitation under anaesthesia
  • Over view – decision making, age appropriate treatment planning
  • Appropriate behaviour management strategies will be discussed separately and at various stages of the didactics

Video Demonstrations:

  • Array of behavior management techniques demonstrated through live recordings of every day clinical situations
  • Administration of local anaesthesia
  • Radiographs in children
  • Placement of band for space maintainers
  • Induction, Maintenance and Reversal of patient under GA

Live Demonstrations on model:

  • Endodontic treatment and post endodontic restoration on deciduous molar
  • Placement of Stainless steel crown

Hands – on program on models:

  • Endodontic treatment and post endodontic restoration on deciduous molar.
  • Placement of Stainless steel Crown

The participants will work on teeth imported from Nissin Dental Products Inc, Japan. The teeth have a feel that closely resembles natural tooth structure. The second deciduous molar has a root canal system with pulp tissue, for carrying out the endodontic procedure.

Each participant can observe a ‘Complete Oral Rehab case under General Anaesthesia’, after completion of course



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40 Sfs DDA Flats Niti Bagh, New Delhi – 110049

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